In poor taste

It’s possible to use current events to your cycling advantage.

In 2004, Harvard was abuzz with the news of a midnight groper in Cambridge.  Intriguingly, the most salient characteristic of this dastardly criminal was that he approached his victims on a bike.

I’m not one to let such good fortune pass without action.  Throughout  his spree of terror, I found it extremely effective to bike through Cambridge Common while jingling my keys.  North Face-clad women would peel to the sides of the path as if Moses had commanded it.  I got to and from campus in minutes!  This was extremely effective – by the end of month, I even got lazy, yelling “bike! bike! bike!” to the same effect.  Sadly, things went back to normal after he was identified.

Imagine my glee when it came out that the Craigslist killer was a Boston University MEDICAL STUDENT who operated in Boston and Rhode Island.  Smart?  Pompous?  Clean-cut?  Creepy?


My commutes to the hospital have just gotten a bit simpler.  At least for a little while.

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