I think that I have the best landlord ever.  Last year, she asked us if we could pay increased rent for the year.  We said no.  Issue settled.

We have also not been nagged too badly for leaving bicycles in the stairwell during rainy and snowy days, even though it is a fire hazard.  But if I were a landlord, I’d be wary of a cyclist who wants to bring a snow-covered bike indoors – it results in a grime-laden sludge puddle.  There is a large permanent dark spot in my old dorm room.  Bicycle drip pans?  Other solutions?

I mention this because I have the chance to be a landlord for the summer.  Our third roommate isn’t moving in until August, so naturally, we had to hit the craigslist wire for a subletter.  Yes, our apartment comes with a parking spot, but it also comes with free use of a bicycle for the summer.  She’s using it; subversive success!

Speaking of subversive, I’m excited about tomorrow’s bike parade in Brookline.  This is my big opportunity to participate in a big bike celebration without the angry hippie qualities of Critical Mass.  Because if there’s something that nobody likes, it’s an angry hippie.

I must be spending too much time studying psychiatry.  This post may qualify as a flight-of-ideas.

My commute, in pictures

Ever since I’ve added Claritin to my midnight routine, I now consider my commute to be among the best in America.  Driving would take fifteen minutes; it takes twenty-five if biking briskly.

1washington bridge washington bridge 2

Views from the recently (re)opened Washington Bridge sidewalk.  It’s a bit tight for two-way traffic, but I think I’m leaving early enough to not run into anybody coming the other (normal) direction.

path 1

Moving shot from the East Bay Bike Path, a path that only kinda sorta follows the main road.  Yay rails-to-trails!

And views from further down the path into the lagoon zone:

path 2  path 3

And perhaps the best part is the return:  catching and passing dudes on carbon fiber bikes on my beater with my tie flapping in my wake.  Unfortunately, too tired to snap those photos.

Flirting with the dark side

I came oh so close to joining the Dark Lord’s minions yesterday when I saw a Langster posted at a remarkably low price on Craigslist.  Me?  Single-speed?  Faux-trendy?  I almost justified it all by claiming it to be a lightweight commuting tool.

Alas, I was outbid, and I wasn’t going to blow all of my iPod Touch money (get this – I need one for school!  HA!) for bike #5.  I also think I want a Garmin nuvi.  But if the price had held, I’d be fighting on the side of evil today.  If you bought a bike from a Boston College kid yesterday, I thank you.  Yikes!

I’ll also refrain from lusting for ankle tattoos, skinny pants, and post-adolescent angst for a little while.  Gosh.


Very excited about my commute to my new temp job:  four-and-a-half miles along shoreline, then a mad dash trespassing shortcut across a members-only country club to get to a 50-ft climb into work.  I think a pool is in order:  how soon will I get banned?  (I start May 11).  Question:  will I get banned more quickly wearing a cycling kit or a doctor outfit?  Or TWEED?

This is also the first time I have biked a significant distance (>3 miles) to a job at which I have to be dressed nicely.  Decisions to make (interim decisions in bold):
1) Bike:  Road bike speedy overkill?  Beater undercranked unstealability?  Slick-shod hardtail?
2) Shoes:  Cheap but acceptable loafers with flats/loops?  MTB SPDs?  Race SPD-SLs?  Dress shoes?
3) Clothing:  Wear tie and mentally suppress sweat?  Dress in gym stuff and change at work?

I’ve been told there are bike racks at work.  Unfortunately, I got kicked out by staff on Saturday while biking around the facility looking for them.  This may spawn an interesting series of events.

I hope I get a locker.