Flirting with the dark side

I came oh so close to joining the Dark Lord’s minions yesterday when I saw a Langster posted at a remarkably low price on Craigslist.  Me?  Single-speed?  Faux-trendy?  I almost justified it all by claiming it to be a lightweight commuting tool.

Alas, I was outbid, and I wasn’t going to blow all of my iPod Touch money (get this – I need one for school!  HA!) for bike #5.  I also think I want a Garmin nuvi.  But if the price had held, I’d be fighting on the side of evil today.  If you bought a bike from a Boston College kid yesterday, I thank you.  Yikes!

I’ll also refrain from lusting for ankle tattoos, skinny pants, and post-adolescent angst for a little while.  Gosh.

One Response to “Flirting with the dark side”

  1. pedalstrike
    May 13th, 2009 | 6:49 pm

    but in your heart of hearts, did you really want a langster?

    see, that’s what i thought.

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