I think that I have the best landlord ever.  Last year, she asked us if we could pay increased rent for the year.  We said no.  Issue settled.

We have also not been nagged too badly for leaving bicycles in the stairwell during rainy and snowy days, even though it is a fire hazard.  But if I were a landlord, I’d be wary of a cyclist who wants to bring a snow-covered bike indoors – it results in a grime-laden sludge puddle.  There is a large permanent dark spot in my old dorm room.  Bicycle drip pans?  Other solutions?

I mention this because I have the chance to be a landlord for the summer.  Our third roommate isn’t moving in until August, so naturally, we had to hit the craigslist wire for a subletter.  Yes, our apartment comes with a parking spot, but it also comes with free use of a bicycle for the summer.  She’s using it; subversive success!

Speaking of subversive, I’m excited about tomorrow’s bike parade in Brookline.  This is my big opportunity to participate in a big bike celebration without the angry hippie qualities of Critical Mass.  Because if there’s something that nobody likes, it’s an angry hippie.

I must be spending too much time studying psychiatry.  This post may qualify as a flight-of-ideas.

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  1. May 30th, 2009 | 11:45 am

    I have a couple ‘utility rugs’ that I use for the bikes. They stay on those when they’re in the house. They’ve got rubber bottoms so theres no leakage, and they cost like $15 so you dont care if they get destroyed.

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