Tour to Insure

If you were a California state employee, you’d have tomorrow (Friday) off.  For everyone else, come play hooky and join us on the AMA Tour to Insure!

Part 1:  Boston to Providence, led by the boys and girls of the Tufts University School of Medicine.  They leave 9am from the State House, arrive at Brown University in time for SpringFest at 1:30.  We will rendezvous with UMass Medical School at Natick at 10:30am.  Take the commuter rail back home.

Part 2:  Providence to Mystic, CT, led by the stinky hippies from the Brown Medical School.  They leave 12:40 from the Brown BioMed center on Meeting Street, arriving in Mystic around 6.  Take Amtrak back home.

Relay continues over the following two weeks covering Long Island Sound, NYC, Albany, and Buffalo.

Here’s why we’re doing it.  Luckily for everyone, it’s NOT a fundraiser ;p

46 million Americans are uninsured.
They can’t afford health insurance.
They have pre-existing conditions.
They have limited access to health plans and benefits.
No matter what, they live sicker and die younger.
The AMA proposes to solve this crisis by lobbying:
* To provide all Americans with the means to purchase health care coverage.
* To give individuals choices to select the appropriate coverage for themselves and their families.
* To promote market reforms that enable this new approach.

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